Curtains may be utilized in a multitude of ways in the home, from keeping out the cold to adding a decorative touch. They may be hung on a window frame or a curtain rod that already exists. Curtains can be chosen to give absolute blocking or a more subtle level of light management depending on the size of the window and the quantity of light required.

There are a few things to consider while choosing curtains. First, choose the cloth based on the intended style, feel, and function. Heavy textiles, like as velvet and brocade, may create a luxury, comfortable environment, whilst lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and linen, can create a more informal ambiance. Furthermore, certain textiles are superior.

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains are a popular window treatment option that can provide an elegant and sophisticated look for any room. Pleated curtains are made from a variety of fabrics and colors and can be hung from curtain rods or poles. They are usually hung from a track or rod that runs along the top of the window and are then pleated at the bottom so they hang in ruffles or folds. Pleated curtains can be used to provide a light and airy look in a room, or to provide a more formal and tailored look.

Pencil Pleated Curtains

Pencil pleated curtains are curtains that are made with a pleating technique that creates a slim, tailored look. The pleats are evenly spaced and run the entire length of the curtain. Pencil pleated curtains are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles. They are a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces, as they provide a neat, elegant look without being overly fussy. Pencil pleated curtains are relatively easy to hang, and can be installed on a track or pole. The pleats can be opened and closed, allowing for adjustable light and privacy levels.

Pencil pleat curtains are a form of window treatment constructed of thick textiles in a single hue. The cloth is gathered into pleats at the top, giving it a tidy and fitted appearance. Pencil pleat curtains are popular in formal settings such as a dining room or living room and they may offer an exquisite touch to any area. They are also quite simple to install and maintain.

A pencil pleat curtain’s pleats are formed by threading a string linked to the top of the curtain through a number of loops placed equally along the top of the curtain. To make the curtain, the string is drawn taut and knotted off at the bottom.

Pinch Pleated Curtains

Pinch pleated curtains are a type of window treatment composed of several layers of fabric gathered together by a series of pleats. The pleats are created by folding the fabric in a series of horizontal pleats, creating a pleated look. These curtains are often considered more formal and traditional than other types of window treatments.

Pinch pleated curtains can be made from a variety of different fabrics, including lightweight cotton, heavy drapes, and sheer fabrics. The pleats are created by gathering the fabric at the top of the curtain and then sewing pleats into the fabric. The pleats can be either single pleats or multiple pleats, depending on the desired look.

Pinch pleated curtains are usually hung on a rod or a track, though they can also be hung from rings or clips. They are often hung from a traverse rod, which allows the curtains to be opened and closed without having to unhook them from the rod. The curtains can also be hung from a rod with rings or clips, which makes them easier to open and close.

Pinch pleated curtains are an excellent choice for any room in the home, as they offer a formal look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Triple Pleated Curtains

Triple pleated curtains are a style of window treatment that has three pleats along the top border. The pleats are typically uniformly spaced and might be box or inverted pleats. Triple pleated curtains offer a stylish touch to any area while also serving as an utilitarian and efficient window decoration. These curtains may be mounted on a standard curtain rod or a track system. They are available in a number of materials and colours, allowing you to pick the perfect style for your house.

Triple pleated curtains have several advantages. These curtains have a classic, timeless appearance that will never go out of style. The pleats provide dimension and texture.

Designer Curtains

Designer curtains are a great way to add a touch of luxury to any home. Whether you are looking to update an existing space or start from scratch, curtains can be an integral part of creating a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Designer curtains come in a variety of different styles and fabrics, so it is important to consider the look and feel of your space before you start shopping. For example, if you have a modern room, you may want to choose curtains with a minimalist design and sleek lines. On the other hand, if you have a traditional space, you may want to search for curtains with intricate details and rich colors.

When it comes to fabrics, there are a variety of options to choose from. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are some of the most popular choices as they are breathable and offer a luxurious feel. Other options include synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon, which are more affordable and come in a range of colors and patterns. When it comes to hanging your designer curtains, you will need to measure the window or area you plan to hang them in. This will help you determine the right size and length of the curtains. It is important to remember that curtains should be hung a few inches above.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains are a stylish and practical window treatment solution for any home. They are a versatile window covering that can be hung from a curtain rod or track and provide the perfect balance between privacy and light control. Tab top curtains come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, linen, polyester, and velvet. They are a great choice for any room in the home or office, as they can be used to match the existing décor or create an entirely new look.

Tab top curtains are made up of two panels of fabric, each with a series of evenly spaced tabs that loop over the rod or track. This creates a neat top edge and allows the curtains to be hung easily and quickly. The tabs can also be used to adjust the height of the curtains, allowing you to customize the curtains to fit any size window. The main advantage of tab top curtains is that they provide a neat and tidy window covering without the need for hooks or rings. This makes them a great choice for those who want an easy and convenient way to hang curtains. They are also easy to clean and maintain, as the tabs can easily be removed and replaced as needed . Tab top curtains are available in a wide range of colors, styles and fabrics.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a popular window treatment choice for many homeowners, as they are stylish, functional, and easy to install. Eyelet curtains are constructed with a series of small metal rings attached to the top of the fabric. These rings are designed to fit over a curtain rod, allowing the curtains to hang evenly and securely.

The curtain rod passes through the rings, which creates the pleated effect. Eyelet curtains come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing homeowners to find the perfect look for their home. The fabric used in eyelet curtains can range from light and airy sheers to heavy drapes. They can be found in a variety of textures, including velvet, cotton, and linen. Eyelet curtains are also available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your windows. One of the major benefits of eyelet curtains is their easy installation. Unlike traditional curtains with tabs or loops, eyelet curtains only require the curtain rod to be inserted through the metal rings. This makes installation a breeze, and a great choice for those who are short on time or don’t want to mess around with complicated installation processes. In addition to easy installation, eyelet curtains also offer a range.

Curtain Rods & Finials

Curtain rods and finials are used to hang curtains and can be used to add a decorative touch to your home decor. Curtain rods come in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic, and can be finished in a variety of colors. Finials are decorative pieces that attach to the end of the curtain rod and can be a simple ball, an ornate flower, or a more modern geometric shape. They are available in a wide range of materials, such as metal, wood, and ceramic, and can be painted to match your home decor.

Abstract Curtains

Curtain is a piece of fabric or other material that is hung from the top of a window or an opening in a wall, used to block out light or to provide privacy. It can also be used to divide a space, as in a theater or a store. Curtains come in a variety of fabrics, textures, and colors and can be used to add a decorative touch to any room. They can also be used to diffuse natural light, making a room feel brighter and more inviting. Depending on the material, curtains can provide insulation for the home, helping to keep warm air in and cool air out during the summer months. They can also help to keep out unwanted noise from the outside. Curtains are an important part of home décor and can be used to add a touch of style and sophistication to any room.

Thread Curtains

Add a speck of dramatic elegance with Thread Curtain

String curtains are a simple,yet great way to accomplish ornamental grace.Take pride in creating the assortment of thread curtain tastefully applied in a broad-range.You can realize the endless possibilities with CVC Associates materials, designs, shapes and sizes and customized designer curtains. Thread curtain are totally incredibly attractive when turned into String columns, Our thread curtain are acknowledged for the properties like smooth texture, gorgeous design and superior thread strength.

Use in a doorway, in a window, or as a room divider!

Thread curtain are of high-quality yarn, a fine-looking, graceful and inimitable to draw across an opening or window…and also to dangle in a doorway, shut out the light or to provide privacy! CVC Associates thread curtain, matching rod pockets and hanging panels offer seamless and unique options. Large events or marriage ceremonies, their adaptability is unquestionable — thread or string curtains can be used as background, decorate ceiling or turned into string columns. CVC Associates presents a wide spectrum of Designer Embroidery Curtains that add charm to one’s decor. Our premium quality fabric displays a spectacular appeal with embroideries and embellishments. CVC Associates ensures precision and inspiration to make thread curtains attractive.

Black out Curtains

Blackout Curtains are the ultimate and functional

Blackout Curtains come in incredible variety to serve your decorating needs. They amply reduce light and noise to ensure a relaxing ambiance at home. These solid curtains though less functional, yet complement to your indoor aesthetics with elevating colors and motifs. Blackout curtains trap hot air during the winter and trap in cool air during the summer; they offer a simple and inexpensive way to totally protect your home.

Do you want to keep prying eyes out when you’re in your home?

CVC Associates Blackout curtain offer you dazzling variety of hues, patterns and textile to suit your taste. We offer custom blackout drapes sized exactly for your needs. Blackout curtain are one of the best window treatment choices for window of any size windows. Blackout curtain are the ideal for window treatment options to reduce external noise and light. Room darkening blackout drapes are just right for your undisturbed siesta. Privacy in your bedroom or living room, Blackout curtain with blackout lining offers total gloom in any space you prefer to use it in.

If you are intrigued to make a choice from the different blackout fabrics available, we can help with that too!

Valances Curtains

Window treatments are complete with valances!

If curtains can add drama, classy grace, majestic or a spanking new touch to your home, window Valance decorate your homes. Choose the decorative drape for privacy, to control the light, or conceal the imperfections. Better yet, take into account the need of your living space and CVC Associates a perfect textile.

Would a stand-alone window valance fit your taste?

You are sure to appreciate the elegance of CVC Associates Valance as a stand-alone or even if balanced with curtains. Well, again, valances make your windows visible and large offering an explicit element and chic sophistication of the room when you suitably drape it to highlight.

CVC Associates Window valance patterns offer practicality with greater preference – a blend of curtains and draperies, coupled as one of the sides, cover the entire window pane, folded up, opulently draped typically as a scarf or contemporary style emphasize its great sides – curtains and Valance add beauty.

Sheer Curtains

Beautify your window panes with Sheer Curtains!

Window sheers will cover the panes elevating its beauty. Daylight filters through the frail window drapes brightening the entire room. Doubts aside, the sheer shroud ensures an allowance of privacy for your home. With our ample collection of sheer and semi-sheer curtains, you’re sure to enjoy your room’s natural lighting and solitude.

Do you wish to acquire that natural sophistication with sheer curtain?

CVC Associates Sheer curtains offer diverse hues, pattern or adornment that you possibly will aspire for. Sheer curtain add cheer to your sanctuary. The best and simple window treatment is sheer curtains which are elegant, light and airy. Traditional to contemporary, a well-designed, idealistic sheer curtain, our attractive and embroidered sheers are well-preferred. What’s your choice?

Recreate your living space with elegant sheers

There are a profusion of sheer linen with exclusive designs and variety at CVC Associates for your windows. Let the interior decorator in you inspired by the dramatic designs, flowery print, embroidered and laced, sheer curtains and stripes create a dash of embellishment to these exquisite window treatments. Get your sheer curtain fabric from CVC Associates ! Our sheer curtains come in are available for amazing prices.

Door Curtains

Do you know? – Doorway curtains fend off bad luck

Decorative Door Curtains you select for the rooms set a mood and inspire the latent interior designer in you. CVC Associates style curtains make you think beyond drops and bamboo to discover the practical uses for curtains in doorways today. Highlight your door openings or shield the doors, reducing humidity, using curtains is a design component you can create originally.

Choose your room’s distinct Door Curtains theme?

Adorn your doorways by hanging embellished curtains and a tie back to one side of the entry for instant sophistication. Hang heavy velvet drapes over a doorway to a study room or office for warmth and wisdom. CVC Associates Curtain fringes, trimmings and enhancing hardware you cherry-pick can aid to the furnishings, elevating them from lustrous and existing to ornate classic style. A beaded curtain hung in a leisure room says “ Have fun here.”

Sometimes separating open floor in a more sizable way is desirable.

A straight rod across an arched doorway with a curtain provides a quick solution to the disorganized room problem. CVC Associates patterned sheers over a patio door opens space as well as privacy without blocking light. A curtain can also be fastened to follow the arc of the entrance, or divided in the mid for a more theatrical entry.

Window Curtains

Which Windows Curtains designs suit your perception?

Windows Curtains provide ventilation, complement detail, whether it is bed-chamber, kitchen or living room. The modern decorates make them warm and pleasantly encouraging. Arouse your penchant décor ideas to possess the best incredible interior essentials. Experience the privilege with CVC Associates window curtain. Exclusive swags reward extraordinary charm to your window ensemble.

Pleasant and modern curtains make your house your home.

Windows Curtains extend the benefit of allowing light, and display the outdoor view The style you select will depend on the type of window, amount of light desired, the view, and style of furnishings. Embellishing add-ons to the casements of any dimension becomes a beautiful spot to pride. Perfection and precision are at demand while you choose the window dressings. Certainly it starts with your favourite double layered or single curtains. Further to patterned curtains that hint your decorating theme, there are many wonderful designs and themes -wild print, humid window treatments feature patterns, velvety ivories and vivacious foliage to transport you to distant lands. Achieve an exotic touch with curtain drapery and enhance with CVC Associates curtain tie backs. Look at our gallery of furnishing assemblage and choose your desired curtain design in a much-loved colour.

Hospital Curtains

Hospital curtains play a vital role in providing privacy, well-being, fireproof, anti-bacterial and an aesthetic appeal. Often hospitals find it difficult in choosing the right curtains because, they need to serve multiple applications. Track curtains create partitions at short notice. Hospital partitions help in creating private care rooms, quarantine zones during pandemic outbreaks, protective safe zones for kids & infants and so on. Suitable curtain tacks are required to carry out such task in short notice.

Selection of Fabric

In most of the hospitals, curtain fabrics are installed from the ceiling to the floor using curtain tracks. Hospital curtains exposed to a very high usage daily resulting in higher wear and tear. Hence, the fabric has to be both strong and durable. The fabric should be easy to clean any form of stains & disinfect periodically. CVC Associates hospital curtains and supplies offer the best choices to creating safe and functional spaces in hospitals.

Prime properties of the fabric

It is mandatory that the hospital curtains are Anti-microbial, odourless and anti-fungal in nature. The fabric should never be a breeding ground for any type of allergens &fungi. The anti-microbial feature helps the curtain prevent spread of any transferrable diseases.

In addition, the hospital curtains should be fire-retardant. The fabric should not allow the fire to spread rapidly and avoid damages to life & property. The most important feature is the cost of ownership. These hospital curtains should be easy to machine wash, maintain and last long. Above all, a good curtain fabric should provide a well being feeling with its soothing colors & design.

Customized Curtains

Customized curtains – for new age home décor!

Home Furnishing is an attitude. It’s a reflection of lifestyle.

Each house is distinct from the others and holds personal memories for those who live there. Because houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit specific budgets, planning for tailor-made or customized curtains is equally crucial.The curtain is chosen based on the use as well as other factors such as design, décor, and the natural environment. CVC Associates customized curtains are designed with a specific function in mind, and they offer a touch of elegance to any room.

Window curtains help control Sunlight, maintain the room temperature, privacy, controls dust & can get people closer with nature.Customized curtains could be both eco-friendly and protective, wherein the natural fibers allow the fresh air to flow through & filter harmful UV rays from the sun.

What are customized curtains made of?

Customized curtain fabrics come in a plethora of designs, riot of colours to imagine &different weave forms to create that perfect ambience! Window curtains and designer curtains by CVC Associates offer décor solutions to add a wonderful style aspect to your homes with modern accessories. Be it for indoors or outdoors, curtains are made of different fibers –Natural ones’ like cotton, Jute, abaca, bamboo and the man-made blended fabrics like poly blends & cotton-blends.

The fabrics are colored organically and in certain cases, the fabric materials are OEKO TEX 100 certified that ensures total safety on color fastness. Latest technology enables to produce fire resistant & sanitized fabrics!. Customized curtains make your home look attractive and are easy to maintain. It is more important to know that most of the curtain fabrics can be either wet washed in washing machine or dry cleaned using a vacuum cleaner.


Color your paradise in a very special way with drape!

Draperies create beautiful everyday environments and allow. Curtains and draperies are chameleons. They work hard at blocking light and sound, heat and cold. Drapery is extraordinarily decorative and adds immense personality to your rooms. CVC Associates compilation of window treatments extends the widest fusion of Drape, flexible window treatments, and deluxe designer collection at a very smart price.

What a difference your homes display when draperies flank your curtains — and does it even matter?

Conventionally, windows treatments confine to a sash, a draw curtain and a decorative drapery all of this is topped with a pelmet or valance. The contemporary mind is all set for modern curtains draped over a decorative shaft or pole looking really dramatic.

Brilliant colours or cheering neutrals — every choice of yours is a décor statement. Perhaps you prefer drape curtains for light filtration and insulation, or add incredible artistic touch to your most beloved spaces, our drapery savor your taste.Ready Made draperies panels instantaneously decorate with an assortment of colour and design trends, you have plenty to upgrade. Additionally, CVC Associates design specialists can help you design custom draperies, from trendy to modern or traditional to fully dress your windows, making your home uniquely your own.

Motorized Curtains

Do you want to make your furnishing style a trend?

Architects consider motorized curtain lay-out plan a vital part while planning interior design of a building. Curtains create a comfortable and elegant living environment. They play a multi-faceted application depending on the area of installation. From a basic function of light reduction at home to a highly secure enclosure in the health care industry, Curtains have a spectrum of application.

Motorized curtains are trending add-ons to furnishing, making life at home more comfortable. They offer more elegance, comfort and performance. Motorized curtains are ultra efficient and super silent for home and office applications. You can choose from either standard or custom made curtains to size! There are several options to suit your need- style, color, light filtering options like dim-out, black-out, sheer, etc.

By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity can be optimized with ease. Choose motorized curtains which filter the light to benefit from gentle light or to look outside without compromising your privacy! Whether in your bedroom or your study room, the motorized curtains open, adjust and close silently striking a perfect balance between natural and indoor lighting. Use of curtain track with precisely guided motion rollers allows the movement of the curtains in both vertical and horizontal direction. These curtains are very adaptable and easy to install. Motorized curtains effortlessly protect your curtains from tearing and, keep them perfectly aligned. Architects prefer to use more of skylights to provide natural lighting. Eco-friendly buildings having features like skylights that allow natural light, free airflowand weather control feature using motorized curtains, etc. When it comes to window curtains, vertical controls help. Whether it is a sun- roof or a window curtain, motorized curtain is the best solution.

Motorized curtains are sleek and ergonomically designed to fit in blind spots. They are noiseless, require minimal energy and maintenance. Quicker turnaround time, flexibility and ease of installation make it an ideal choice. Open and close your curtains in just a click! They can be connected to a wire-free centralized systemand can be operated through a remote control, voice control or a smart phone. Curtains can be programmed to open and close at specific time. Curtains can be operated individually or, in groups to function at specific time intervals.

Zebra motorized curtains are known for their unique design and light control features. Zebra shades comprises of double layer light filter and opaque fabrics. This allows you to light filter in the day andblock any form of light for privacy to provide ultimate comfort!You can create scenarios to suit your life style using these types of motorized curtains. Homes are a part of your life’s journey and allow us to be a partner in your cherishable moments.

Digital Curtains

Digital curtains are expected to provide more than just being functional of providing privacy and weather control. For people who are more creative and wish to exhibit their personality, CVC Associates digital curtains offers a gallery of choice. Often, interior designers find it a challenge to satisfy the demanding clients. Thanks to the advent of digital prints, this helps us to provide wings to one’s imagination!.

When it comes to re-furnishing home curtains, people look for more creative patterns. Theme based digital patterns are preferred over the conventional designs. Digital curtains offer a plethora of floral patterns, nature, murals, sci-fi, kids collection, and so on.

Curtain shopping? Here are some useful tips that might help you in making a right choice
  • Area of Installation: This is the key to make the right decision. Factors like Size, exposure to sunlight and usage will help determine the type of fabric for digital curtains.
  • Fabrics: You can choose from cotton, linen, velvet, silk, polyester fabrics
  • Ease of Installation: Whether the digital curtain needs to flow from the ceiling to the floor (or) just windows, selection of curtain tracks matter.
  • Durability: The fabric should be resistant to stains & UV rays. It should be able to withstand wear & tear.
  • Ease of maintenance: The choice of the curtain fabric purely depends on the maintenance. It should be easy to either wet wash (or) dry clean.
  • Odour free: Digital curtains should be treated for light sensitivity and created using eco-solvent inks. These curtains should be odour free and should not attract dust.
  • Sample: Always work with an abstract sample people you go in full steam! This may save a lot of time and money.

Ready to make a lasting impression? Happy curtain shopping!

Mild Texture Curtains

Curtains are primarily used at homes to block out light and add a decorative accent to the room. Curtains with different opacity suit the needs of different rooms and applications. Mild-textured curtains are semi-Opaque in nature and, the curtain is a blend of both functions. They allow some daylight into the room when they’re closed and breathe fresh air too. Texture is the surface appearance of the curtain fabric with soft, silky, fuzzy, loopy, shiny, crape, thick looks. Different textures are created on the fabric by weaving, knitting or finishing process. Curtain shops in Chennai do have a wide array of textured curtains.

There are different types of mild textured curtains for home furnishing that provide functionality and gorgeous aesthetics. Mild textured curtains can add a touch of class when used for the windows. It can add better aesthetics to the room and co-ordinate well with its valance. Primarily, textured window curtains are made of fabrics like cotton, linen, poly blends, etc. These fabrics are easy to handle and are flawless to project the creators ‘ideas. These textured curtains come in a combination of textures to create symmetrical looks for your home furnishing need. These mild-textured curtains are pretty modern and provides subtle finish in most decorative settings.

It is equally important to choose the right curtain tracks & accessories from the curtain shops. Accessories like valance, curtain ropes, drapes, hidden tracks compliment such textured curtains. Find the right choice of textures curtains at CVC Associates, available in different thicknesses to suit the application in different rooms. In total, these textured fabrics are ideal to create classic, casual or even the more contemporary styles.

Plain and Subtle Curtains

Plain curtains are custom-made, the choice of color speaks about ones’ personality, representing fashion quotient. Choosing the right shade of curtain is an ardent task during refurnishing homes. Curtains can dramatically change the ambience of a room. Be it light, dark, subtle, bright, fluorescent, neutral shades are exciting. It brings out the professional designer in you and gives you the freedom to express. Plain colors curtains are timeless and fashionable. Whether you are dressing-up your windows are the curtains flowing from the ceiling to the floor across pathways, plain color curtains can be very exciting. They can create both symmetric & asymmetric values to the room by using contrast colors. Use of one or more plain color curtains in different shapes & sizes within rooms can be mind boggling

Plain color curtains need not be plain in all essence. The fabric can have a velvet touch, a gentle texture, a touch of artistic embroidery & so on. Creative head bands and ropes can add to your creative choice of plains! CVC Associates offers a versatile curtain collection of plain curtains. These curtains especially when coordinated with laces, can bring about the glam quotient to window dressing. The essence of the curtain lies in the choice of the fabric! Ideally, fabrics made of natural fibers like Cotton & linen add its class to your creative designs. It can provide both a contemporary finish and a fresh look to a room. These curtain fabrics are best when machine washed and easy to maintain. They can be fixed in a short time with the latest curtain tracks and add-on accessories!

Subtle colours can evoke emotions and make us feel happy & relaxed. Choice of colors are often deeply personal and a reflection of our emotions! Interior designers strongly believe that colors can dramatically affect moods & feelings. Subtle color curtains are associated with better impact on people- increased metabolism, lesser eyestrain and bring down stress levels. Subtle color curtains have a better impact on individuals and, It is often associated with love and passion. Naturally, people love to use to furnish their home with subtle color curtains. Different rooms reflect different emotions, a warm & receptive hall, a calm study room, relaxing bedroom and so on. CVC Associates Subtle colour curtains are available in a wide color palette to emit different moods in

Colours do have therapeutic effect on people. Subtle colors like blue, peach, pink, and lilac can uplift your mood. They bring about a sense feel good factor and influence performance! Subtle colors curtain makes an ideal choice for seasonal changes. There are several choices to beat the summer heat & icy winters! Cotton, Linen and few other natural fabrics are ideal for subtle color curtains. They are very adaptive and have better fastness to color. Whether tailor made or readymade, they are the ideal choice of the buyer in terms of cost efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance.

These curtains come in plains, satin finish, textured or even in jacquard design for suitable home dressing. Modern curtain tracks are available for easy installation of subtle colour curtains that candour style and grace. They also compliment well with luxurious curtain accessories to provide the room a very refreshing feel. After all, home is where we belong to!

Geometric & Abstract Curtains

Experience how styles and designs make your space cool!

Geometric and abstract designs create wonders to the interiors. Make a style statement to your home with geometric patterns, antique or modern art abstract curtains which are quite unique in style and versatile. Architects and interior designers draw inspiration to design from such artistic shapes and styles to create a harmonious home. Take pride in displaying your creativity in different styles and themes. Geometric and abstract art curtains are used for bathroom dressing and home décor. In commercial spaces, it speaks business. These geometric designs can create a 3-dimensional visual effect to your interiors with their unique designs-intricate lines, great curves, wavy textures, deep honeycombs, diamonds, modern art, antique design and more. These motifs are very creative and make them a popular choice for use.

Art inspired abstract designs can transform your study into art gallery, metallic accents to compliment your royal furnishing, create a masterpiece of your study room with sharp contours, subtle wave patterns for your bedrooms and so on. In short, bring out the creative artist in you with these geometric curtains. Geometric shower curtains are easy to fix to make your bathrooms livelier. Create bath cubicles for your kids and keep your bathrooms dry. Have your personal motif printed across your bathtub that soothes your mind! These curtains come in a wide range of fabrics, which are easy to wash and maintain. These curtains are odour free, stain free and UV resistant. Curtains can be customized or chosen from a flurry of ready-to-use designs and sizes.

When used in healthcare, these geometric design curtains create a soothing & wellness effect. They are easy to clean and maintain,preventing any form of microbial growth. They are very economical too. These curtains come with a range of accessories that helps you to fix it in a jiffy! From color co-ordinate poles, rings, slides, rails, motorized, etc. we have a whole range of accessories to provide you a very professional service. Quick turn- around time & cost-effective solutions make these geometric and abstract curtains a go-for option in home décor! They can decorate each room with different styles to create personal themes.

Cotton Curtains

Curtains are an integral part of home decor that can brings both an aesthetic appeal and functionality. The possibilities are endless with cotton curtains. Cotton curtains are the best Value-buy product. They are very economical and gives you the freedom to change, seasonally. Curtain shops do carry a wide range of curtain fabric design in plains, textures or jacquard designs. Cotton curtains are an ideal choice for our sub-tropical weather conditions. From bright to subtle colors, plains to digital prints, organic print to murals, and these curtains reflect your personality. They compliment the walls & interiors to provide better aesthetics to the room. The choice of cotton curtains are very good for a reason that they allow natural flow of air& restrict direct light into the room. Cotton fabrics gives you the freedom to enliven your imagination – crease free pleats, big borders and are capable of presenting a new dimension to the room.

Cotton fabrics can co-ordinate well with valance, scarf, rope and other designer properties to give a touch of its class looks’. Cotton curtain shops are available aplenty, CVC Associates gallery of colourful cotton curtains offer the latest and trending, the most elegant and budget friendly curtain solutions that can help you give a touch of elegance to your home in one go. Cotton fabrics are very easy to maintain. They can we machine washed, dry cleaned & highly durable. They have the best color fastness & do not sag. Cotton window curtain fabrics are fire retardant and helps prevent small fire accidents.

With variety of options for curtain tracks & accessories, curtains can be fixed in a short time. They can be suitably automated with motorized curtain tracks that provide you the freedom to live in absolute comfort. Bring out the glam quotient to your home with these colorful curtains.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains make an exclusive style. A good shower gives the best start to the day. Give your bathroom a good makeover. Wash room interiors can come alive with beautiful curtains. Shower curtain is one of the largest design pieces that induces style and luxury to the bathroom.

Curtains are used in washroom interiors to create private spaces for specific purpose. Washrooms form an integral part of bedroom. It’s not just a bathroom- wash rooms are designed to provide ultimate luxury. They are often used as a SPA to relax in the hot tub, rain shower cubicle to enjoy a rain dance and so on. Shower curtains can be combined with liners to help prevent splashing of water all around the washroom. Curtain fabrics could be made of both natural and synthetic fibers. Shower liners are usually made of waterproof fabrics like Vinyl, Polyester, Nylon or other synthetic fabrics. These liners are installed around the inner rim of a bath tub or shower cubes.

Shower curtains come in a wide range of designs to compliment your homes. Plains, bright floral patterns, subtle matrix, mood elevating lavenders, you name them and it is available. Kids do have a choice of their friendly characters accompany them for a shower. Most of the shower curtains are hydrophobic and water repellent in nature. They do not require any washing or special attention. They are stain free and very easy to maintain. They do not allow any splashing of soapy foam all across the washrooms and prevents of any form of microbial growth. Find the choicest shower curtains at vfurnish from an array of curtain collections.

These shower curtains can be hung from the ceiling or from a specific height. It gives you the ultimate privacy and helps protect the mirrors from fogging with hot steam. The synthetic shower curtain fabrics are made of re-cycled materials and helps you reduce the environmental impact. Enjoy the SPA like feel in your own wash room!

Velvet & Satin Curtains

Velvet and Satin curtains add glamour and a visual value to the room. They are capable of bringing out some wonderful aesthetic effects to the room. Especially when we use Velvet or satin fabric curtains, it adds a royal touch!

Velvet curtains

Velvet fabrics are very soft in nature and have a very soft hand feel. These fabrics are woven finely using the best of natural fibers with a tiny pile, to give you that unique hand feel. It adds a glossy look to the interiors. Velvet curtains are quite heavy in weight and suits best as total blackout curtain. These curtains look great when they are hung from the roof to the floor. CVC Associates Velvet curtains add a chic feature coordinated with suitable curtain accessories like head gear, embellishments and so on.

Velvet fabric curtains are ideal for use during monsoon & winter seasons. The thick dense fibers are perfect insulators and protect from climatic changes. They also prevent flow of dust and germs from getting into the room. Since these curtains are heavy, they require strong support to hang. Choosing of the right curtain tracks and accessories is mandatory.

Satin curtains

Satin curtain fabric is made of the finest cotton and blended fibers. They are woven in a fine count of yarn and processed to give you that unique feel and finish. These curtains allow good amount of natural light & air flow making it an ideal choice for all seasons. Curtain properties like scarf, ropes add a touch of class to the interiors. CVC Associates Satin curtain fabrics are light and can be complimented with laced fabrics. They look very elegant in pastel colors and add glamour when used in bedrooms.

Satin curtains are easy to install and friendly to machine wash. A simple curtain rod or a good curtain track would be ideal to fix these curtains. Make you choice a loud statement by making the best combination work for you and curtain shops in Chennai take for through a plethora of options. Your interaction with expert’s décor suggestions with curtains at CVC Associates can make your style quotient a true statement.

Kids Curtains

Kids curtains reflects care and love of children. It is a unique way to add colour and vibrance to their space. Everyone loves kids and they are the epitome of happiness at home. Be it preparing a nursery at home for the first child or re-decorating the room for a teenager, it is equally important to pay attention to detailing. Many a times, people find it overwhelming with the choice of curtains available in the market. Kids curtains story line should have a touch of fantasy which they feel they are a part of. CVC Associates kids curtains has a galore of designs to cater the imagination of kids, offering a matchless sync and harmony with the room décor. Let us look into the factors that need to be exercised while choosing curtains for kids’.

Safety of the child is primarily important while choosing the curtains for their room. Especially when you have young kids, they tend to pull down when they learn to stand or walk. The choice of kids curtain fabric needs to be strong and free from any embellishments. Ensure the curtains are firmly fixed using good curtain tracks.

As children grow up to change, so does the home furnishing in their room. Younger kids prefer to have bright colors & interesting patterns to add visual interest. The teens need properties that could ignite their creativity &opt for such choices. It is ideal to have kids curtains made of smooth fabric like cotton or linen. These fabrics are can withstand harsh wear & tear, allow fresh air movement & keeps the light under control. These curtain fabrics can be treated for Anti-microbial and Anti-stain features to provide total safety for young ones.

While it is important to provide your children with a well-furnished room, it is equally important to see your child learn and grow in the best environment.

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