• Window Dressing: Curtains and Blinds
  • Design Assistance and Conceptualization
  • Installation and Execution
  • Motorized - Curtains and Blinds

Window Dressing: Curtains and Blinds

When it comes to Window Dressing, we strive to bring all the answers under one roof bridging the gap between Product, Designing and Execution. Our expertise team customize them as per your requirements with different stitching styles, tassels, embroidery, printing etc giving you a plethora of options and inspirations to dress up your homes.

Design Assistance and Conceptualization

We understand that too many options can be confusing and the selection and designing process can be daunting. Our design team and our technology driven selection process gives you a very comfortable personalized experience.

The team sits and understands your requirements and based on that shows filtered results thus eliminating the options which are not of use. So you only see the relevant options which you are looking for.

Even while the project is going on, we have specific teams which handle different parts of the scope of work in a synchronized way ensuring that specialization is achieved in all the facets of work.

The future is now. Technology is booming and we constantly work towards infusing it into our set up in a seamless manner. Clients today have the ability to get on call with us and browse our entire library digitally and make selections.

Installation and Execution

Giving you just the product and saying good bye is not the way we work. At CVC Associates we believe in taking away all your pains and delivering a complete solution which is blending a Premium quality product with impeccable Installation/Execution services.

We have a complete team in-house to look after the installation of the following:
  • Window Drapery Solutions Curtain Hardware, site measurements for Curtains , Blinds and installation.
  • Wallpaper Installation Vinyls, Non-wovens, Traditional papers, Wall murals etc.
  • Flooring Solutions Recommendation of flooring tiles. Site Measurement for Wooden Flooring, Wall to Wall Carpets, Vinyl flooring, etc and Installation.

Our team has an experience of finishing over 5000 projects over the last decade ensuring that the end result matches the expectations of our clients and Attention to Detail being our main mantra.

Motorized - Curtains and Blinds

In the world of technology, every aspect of your life is becoming easier so why should the comfort of your homes and/or offices be any different.

Control your drapes without having to move or touch them with our window automation solution.

We offer various different motorized solutions from Internationally recognized brands for your curtains and blinds. The offerings include battery operated motors as well for those spaces where electrical points are not available.

Our skilled team is able to assist you with the selection of the drapes as well as the final execution suggesting the correct motors based on your requirement and having the complete system installed with a seamless function.

Why should you switch to Motorized drapes:

  • Control your curtains and blinds without having to move giving you the comfort
  • No touch ensures less stains
  • Uniform pleating and folds for your drapes at any given point of time maintaining the aesthetics of your interiors.

Our Brands