Wallpapers are a great way to add color, texture, and personality to any room in a home. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures, so it is easy to find one that will complement the existing decors in a room. Wallpapers can be used to create a focal point, to hide flaws in the walls, or to add interest to a dull room. They can also be used to make small rooms appear larger, or to give an older room a makeover. With a bit of creativity and imagination, wallpapers can be used to create a beautiful and unique look in any home.

Benefits of Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers add color and style to any room.
  • Wallpapers can create a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Wallpapers can hide imperfections in walls.
  • Wallpapers can be changed easily and inexpensively.
  • Wallpapers can be used to create interesting visual effects.
  • Wallpapers are a great way to express your personality and create a unique look in any room.
  • Wallpapers can help to absorb sound, making a room more comfortable.
  • Wallpapers are low maintenance and easy to clean.

Customized Wallpaper

Become a creative designer! Customize your wallpaper!

A fresh ambiance to your home or office is best done with wallpapers. You can make big changes with your creative ideas and customized wallpapers. At CVC Associates Customized wallpapers designs have something for everyone. These premium quality papers host a feast of beautiful colors and bold designs created by the best designers. It could be you!

How do you source lavish collection of worthy Customized Wallpaper?

Transform your rooms with the best quality, customized wall decor at a reasonable price, CVC Associates supplies it all. Design your wallpaper with artistic quest and creativity and we bring out your dream Customized Wallpaper. You are on the right place to work on your custom wallpaper, for residential or office requirements. The great skills in contemporary art or intangible expressions, whatever you fancy can be turned into a wallpaper for your home! If you wish to see the world through the eagle’s eye or a high-resolution lens, just turn over the stock of pictures from our picture library. Our custom wallpaper are made-to-order under rigorous quality criteria to meet your requirements. Just select an image that fancies your creative eye, indicate a size, and we’ll decorate your wall!

2D,3D Wallpaper

Are you searching for 2D, 3D Wallpapers for home improvement?

Two-dimensional or 2D wallpaper, Three-dimensional or 3d wallpaper are used at present for broadening an area through wall decorations. Photos with the illusion of deepness emphasize an impression of infinite space in an extraordinary way brilliantly multidimensional – accurately and figuratively! Firstly, 2d, 3d wallpapers presented in our gallery inspire your mind to work more resourcefully, and the amazing conceptualize enclosed in solids, many-colored mosaics, graphics, stripes or symbols.

Secondly, they enchant us with the distance which makes shots depicted on our surface project outside the casing or else, drag us into their domain. 2d, 3d wallpapers, are designed with the use of recent graphic methods. The thematic gallery presents technical configurations and graphic structures which accentuate three-dimensionality of any picture- textures, log wood, ledges and blocks!

Ergonomic 2D, 3D wallpaper that inspires your home

Discover the wide-ranging collection of 2D, 3D wallpaper designs from CVC Associates for your home that tricks the eyes, but delights the spectator by crafting the impression of more space. These are smart additions, stunning adornments with a list of advantages. Not just a visual charm, two-dimensional, three-dimensional wall coverings –emphasize illusion, conceptual or economical interior decors. Spirals, networks, graphics, checkers, multi-coloured mosaic, and stripes all these will optically expand its dimension and make your interior more spacious.

Sports Wallpaper

Sports Wallpapers keep your spirits high

Wow, there are numerous sports to grasp and learn from. For those who lack the time, sports wallpaper come as a solution adorn a favorite sport display. Enjoying your favourite sport is of course a rich, rewarding experience. It’s great to spend time playing or watching sports, if you’re in a particular sport. For some tennis or baseball may be an interesting sport. Display the image of your favorite sport right on the wall is possible with CVC Associates Sports wallpaper.

Will sports wall murals fascinate the sports fan in you?

Just own a gym, a sports block, sporting action or sport scenarios? Choose sports wallpapers for your interior design or print wallpaper and personalize your walls décor passion. CVC Associates wallpaper offers have an exhaustive list of sport designs. Your interest inspires us- select your favorite sporting images from the race track, to golf field and golf strokes, rugby, cricket and chess. Whatever sport, perfectly creates an ambiance for games rooms, teens room, sport basements to add energy. Offer your little sports fan a motivation to show enthusiasm. CVC Associates wallpaper are extremely easy to install and easily removed when needed.

Texture Wallpaper

Textures can change the character of your home

Texture Wallpapers are a great way to make your home look fabulous. Walls provide plenty of space to reveal your flair and creative expression using texture wall covering for decor. Wall coverings for décor have become very easy to use and incorporate in your wall décor for homes. Make your home appealing and fantastic with textures and innovative ideas related to these new wall coverings.

Do you wish to try wooden Texture Wallpapers for walls?

CVC Associates displays a range of wall covering ideas which will completely change the look of your house with a variety of textures and patterns -a log hut, wood or bamboo as a home décor. Do you know that a wooden wall covering makes a décor statement piece? Select the wooden texture for classy and elegant walls or include some glitz and glamour in your home with golden texture to instantly light up the room! Give a touch of glamour in the bed-chamber or a living room; also add some decorative lights to achieve a great appeal. Paintings and other fine art pieces enrich your home décor and a harmonizing wall décor makes sure the painting stands apart.

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wall papers look plain and monotonous with acrylic paints – Welcome to the world of wallpapers are carefully crafted with a wide range of designs and print techniques that speaks your style quotient. For those who have an eye for abstract designs and shapes geometric wall papers come in different designs. You can create wonders to the interiors that make a style statement to your home with these geometric patterns which are quite unique and versatile.

These geometric design wallpapers can create a 3-dimensional visual effect to your interiors with their unique designs-intricate lines, great curves, wavy textures, deep honeycombs and more. These motifs are very creative and make them a popular choice for the walls. Architects and interior designers draw inspiration to design from such artistic shapes & styles to create a harmonious home. They can decorate each room with different styles to create personal themes. Geometric wallpapers are a great option to create feature walls.

Art inspired geometric designs can transform a big hall into art gallery, metallic accents to compliment your royal furnishing, create a master piece of your living room with sharp contours, subtle patterns for your bed rooms and so on. In short, bring in the world architecture to your home with these geometric wallpapers. Add contrasting wall borders, Geometric wallpaper shops offer trending designs, a chance to add a touch of class to your existing furnishings! CVC Associates gives wings to your creative ideas by using more than one pattern with the modern and latest arrivals to make a loud décor statement.

Wall papers make an ideal choice for home interiors. They can be fixed around the walls very quickly and keeps the floor clean. Geometric wall papers are easy to clean and maintain, preventing any form of microbial growth. They are very economical too. Create stunning homes with our versatile selection of wall coverings!

Wall Decals

Have you seen a house with plain walls and no element of beautification?

If you have seen one, then you understand the emptiness and lifelessness the house would look. Wall- decals & wallpapers enhance the mood of the rooms. You must have seen many people trying diverse kinds of wall canvases, swags, photo mounts to beautify. But with wall stickers and decals you needn’t have to choose additional wall décor elements.

CVC Associates wall stickers and decals are a great and budget conscious decorative solution your apartment, home, office, and more! Any of our stock-designed decals can be customized to fit your desire wall. We can also create custom decal for walls! Our printed wall decal are made with the highest quality materials! It can reinvent the look and feel of your room without much effort.

Wall-Decals for every space

Wall stickers typically provide the imprint of a painting on the wall. Just like any other wall décors, decals exist in an assortment of designs and shapes. You can categorize them easily and handpick the best designs. Flowery designs look good with a feminine motif. Give a WOW! Different natural themes such as twilight and birds’ flight are quite usual; hence make space for the fresh flora and fauna. Decorate in your kid’s room with attractive wall stickers and decal. Would you miss it?

Birds and Animals Wallpaper

Advantages of wall papers

Wallpapers, elegant décor additions to walls, make hallways, receptions, living room cordial and enlivening. Every year during the festive season, people love to re-decorate their houses. It’s tough choice between paint the walls. Wall papers have come a long way as an alternate from traditional paint with a variety of themes, textures &colors. Wallpapers can bring about instant changes in the mood and style and unleash fresh life to walls!

Wallpapers are easy to handle and requires shorter turnaround time to fix. They are very durable & can even last for over 15 years. It can subdue any imperfections in the wall & can provide better aesthetics. Unlike traditional paints, it’s not messy and saves you from the hassles of floor cleaning. Above all, it is stain resistant and is easy to wet clean! Unlike paint, wallpaper does not leave unpleasant odour and Eco-friendly!

Birds & Animals theme

Wallpapers offer to kindle imagination and creativity of the kids with the modern prints that bring home the choicest animals and birds. We all love Animals and birds, Don’t we? We love to have them as our pets at home. It’s an extension of our love towards animals that we love to use themed wall papers. Do not hunt for a wallpaper shop. CVC Associates rolls out the newest arrivals of animal wall papers and birds wallpapers to choose from to reflects your love for nature and spread the awareness to protect them. You have a choice of animals and bird family – The royals, the Majesty, The winged birds with riot of colors, the tiny ones, colorful butterflies, and so on. These enigmatic themes can serve as a feature wall and can subtly complement the soft furnishings in the room.

Kids Room Wallpaper

Have you discovered what fascinates your child?

Children are inventive, imaginative and full of life, so it makes perfect sense fill their rooms with vibrant colours, themes to deliver energy. They are the picture-perfect additions to any bedroom, playroom or nursery that will stir their imagination to run wild. No matter what they enjoy, every Kids room Wallpapers, features a fairy tale castle, their favourite caricatures and game characters, all present a high resolution quality images.

Kids room wallpaper and quality time

You can narrate plenty of stories with our wide selection of children’s wallpapers. It is pretty engaging to unleash your child’s potential. You can dramatize bandits or a princess castle, mock play in a field of flowers, dance with the stars or slumber with mild nocturnal sounds. Have you identified your child adventurous then a wild safari themed wall paper and prehistoric voyages with dinosaurs inspire imagination and courage. Arouse the hidden astronaut with a space theme or a sport a game. CVC Associates help you present it beyond their wildest dreams with our kid’s room wallpaper. Add some delightful characters, swings with the monkeys or splashing friendly dolphins. Kid’s wallpapers are designed with great attention and love. Our easy fix solution guarantees ease and success! Gift the best to your kids!

3D Mural Wallpaper

Have you found the right wall decorative treatment?

3d Murals in one the ancient and the oldest art. The only inherent difference is it bonds or merges with the design of the room. Whatever is your artistic inclination- you may be interested in theater and drama, historic war, fresco’s anything. The choice is completely yours. CVC Associates 3D wall murals set out to create that bespoken impact creating quite a sensation. Be inspired by a majestic theatrical presence or the impressive three-dimensional proportions the wall murals play. How would you like it installed? We have a list to create your sensational aspirations.

Add a fantastic 3d Murals ! Make a wall statement!

3d Murals from CVC Associates are adaptable to the shape and size preferences. Select 3D wall murals to cover clumsiness of the wall or add an ambiance of fresh look to your home- wall murals from nature, beautiful landscapes, admirable flowers and awe- inspiring animals and why not the rustic or urban scenarios. Murals or photo wallpapers, we design it to your predictable style. CVC Associates 3D Wallpapers are trendy and it extends an exclusive portfolio of highest quality murals known for their classic as well as contemporary style to suit homes, public venues and corporate environs. Take a look at the functionality of our premium murals. Install yourself features pre-glued, water actuated wallpapers to make your job too simple. Is it a vivid impression or a creative space you wish to add to your space?

Gym Wallpaper

Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman? Then, this is absolutely replicated in your apartment to be part of his concert. You can boast his presence in plenty of decorative styles. Awe-inspiring wallpapers, decals occupying even a little space in your chamber. Besides his performances, you can shoot a photograph with him with no security restrictions; your room is the best place to enjoy his personal presence. You can satiate your fan craze with a great variety of artworks, labels, portraits and other trimming items presenting your favorite celebrity. Enjoy a silent quality time with your celebrity in your room!

Your sporting interest may draw you to Flex Wheeler or Shawn Ray. Die-hard fans of movies celebrate Arnold, Bruce lee whoever is your favourite bodybuilder. CVC Associates gets you a gamut of the latest Gym Wallpapers gallery, including lots of body buliders. You can browse the latest bodybuilders stock photos created as wallpapers and decals exclusively to decorate your rooms. At CVC Associates you find pictures of famous bodybuilders collection inspires that with HD resolution pictures. Buy them at an economical price to decorate your walls. Have fun!

Stone and Brick Wallpaper

Do you want to recreate original bare wall look?

Stone and Brick Wallpapers can create that magic; they rejuvenate your wall with realistic unrobed look and feel. Stone and Brick wallpapers are very much trend at this moment. If you have contemporary furniture and other accessories, then Stone and Brick wallpapers will be a perfect choice for you. CVC Associates have enormous collections of stones and brick effect wallpapers in a wide range of patterns and styles which gives you an authentic view.

Probing for a elegant Stone effect for your interior

Take a look on CVC Associates adorable and stylish range of stone effect wallpapers, which are perfect for creating a stylish industrial feel to your interiors. Our unique stone-brick wallpaper collection creates a talking head for your guest and they will not believe that it is not a real stone finishing. CVC Associates depicts variety of designs shades like grey, blue, peach and textures such as pebbles, concrete walls, sandstone, faux brick, rustic stone, or well finished grey stone paving. Our stone wallpaper will brings you a Scandinavian touch to your interior.

Turn your interiors as countrified by using our Stone and Brick Wallpaper

Create a rustic feel with CVC Associates Stone and Brick wallpaper and mantle yourself with natural textures. Stone and Brick wallpapers can be combined with contemporary or traditional interior decors in-order to make a soliciting mood. Stone and Brick effect wallpaper can be clubbed with any interior styles, because its versatileness really makes this Stone and Brick wallpaper collection special.

Celebrity Wallpaper

Are you celebrity crazy?

Is it Justin Bieber or Micheal Jackson? Then, this is absolutely replicated in your apartment to be part of his concert. You can boast his presence in plenty of decorative styles. Awe-inspiring wallpapers, decals occupying even a little space in your chamber. Besides his performances, you can shoot a photograph with him with no security restrictions; your room is the best place to enjoy his personal presence. You can satiate your fan craze with a great variety of artworks, labels, portraits and other trimming items presenting your favorite celebrity. Enjoy a silent quality time with your celebrity in your room!

Get a flash of the hottest Celebrity Wallpaper

Your sporting interest may draw you to Sania Mirza or M.S. Dhoni. Die-hard fans of Movies celebrate Arnold, Aishwarya Rai or Bruce lee whoever is your celebrity, your sibling may who like caricatures or Harry potter a little too much. CVC Associates gets you a gamut of the latest Celebrity Wallpapers gallery, including lots of hot celebrities. You can browse the latest celebrity stock photos created as wallpapers and decals exclusively to decorate your rooms. At CVC Associates you find pictures of celebrated actors, models, stars of fashion industry, including movies. Our Celebrity fan collection inspires that fan sensation with HD resolution pictures. Buy them at an economical price to decorate your walls. Have fun!

Graphics Wallpaper

Do you have to use a wand to mesmerize your visitor?

Wall Graphics Stickers have an ambiance and character, adding a new facet of elegance to your rooms. What a hypnotic view and depth do they create to the interiors! There are several attention-grabbing designs – exclusive bursting forward from the wall which is typically an illusion, besides making a striking and influential statement. You would be curious to reach out to them, leaving you mesmerized and charmed. CVC Associates blends the finest creation with modern ideas to give an inimitable ambiance to your wall decor.

Wall Graphics – the latest wallpaper innovation

3D wallpaper series are in vogue and the first choice of many wall decor fans. Surrounded by gadgets and machines in pace with the advancing technology, we are easily allured by technical innovations- 3D cinemas, copiers, TVs, etc. You will find all sorts of wallpaper with Wall Graphics and lots more. Make your interiors highly attractive with CVC Associates quality and Best wallpaper with 3D graphics. Whatever you fancy can be created, besides the whimsical concepts, common symmetrical shapes, creative version of space, enigmatic mishmash of shades and colors. Install the three-dimensional Wall Graphics make your living ambiance more interesting. Our interior branding priority focuses the latest developments in the decor industry and we are proud to present graphic images applied to walls and columns, to create thrilling and curious environs in homes and offices.

Religious Wallpaper

Religious Wallpaper Designs to inspire you

Intimacy with Divinity is achieved in many ways. Prayer is a form of worship, and some require visuals and idols to reverberate their faith. At CVC Associates we venture to provide your walls to fill your homes with spiritual fervor, which not only reflect your personality, but also echo a positive vibration. Make your prayer rooms gods abode with divine thoughts. The Gods images of all religion- hand-picked to inspire and nourish secularism and uniqueness.

Do you wish to appease your spiritual inclination?

CVC Associates offers an abundant collection of spiritual images and quotes in wall murals, all created to decorate any wall, be it your home or office to spread piety. You can also add to your beloved image a divine quote. You can discover a wide variety of pictures and artwork that is most suitable for places of worship, meditation halls, kid’s room walls, or your living room. CVC Associates is all for you, we custom print each painting to fit your walls. CVC Associates Religious Wallpaper are easy to install with a choice of materials. You have plenty of fixing options, a peel and stick preference that is picture-perfect for temporary fixings and doesn’t require wallpaper glue to fit.

Natural Wallpaper

Embrace the warmth of nature with our Natural Wallpapers

CVC Associates Natural Wallpapers shop are inspiring and lively that express an incredible ambiance to the rooms. From the fascinating flora of pretty flowers to the variety of fearsome fauna, nature is elegant. Halt! Enjoy the illusion of a flowing stream, a vista of trees to remind your walk in the woods, cobble stones aligned ashore, a cascade to fill your heart with joy, the autumn leaves, the beautiful butterfly; they are all nature’s spectacular art with inspiring colors, nurturing an eye-catching element in wallpapers

Why not get the delight in your home or office with nature inspired wall decor?

Create magic with your innovative wall decor ideas, and we make your interiors stunningly vibrant. The hues of nature reflected in CVC Associates wallpapers makes you recall the enticing landscapes, a hill station or nature park where you woke up to mesmerizing clouds and stars. If you miss the amazing sunrise, you can watch it every day and/or enjoy your cup of coffee besides the tranquil lake. There is space for allowing artifacts in the nature inspired wallpaper to extend a pleasant greeting to guests and visitors. Choose to study or work in the nature’s best environment at home!

Patterns & Panel Wallpaper

Have you a simple alternate to wall art or wallpapering the entire wall?

At CVC Associates Framed wallpaper is a fantastic substitute to wall painting or any wall covering. The frame sizes can be made-to-order as you or your designer’s choice. If bold paneling alone feels too plain, consider an exciting mixture of elements for your interiors. Discover new and unusual ways to play with Patterns & Panels Wallpapers. Repeat the hues or shades in the window treatment, just watch the magic created.

New Patterns & Panels Wallpaper accents your walls

Modern hang panels are manufactured with molded frames that replicate a work of art. These patterns and panels offer a stylish background for a decorative masterpiece. CVC Associates light 3D wallpaper, patterns and panels wallpapers work together repeating synchronized patterns to create large-scale textured walls of any length and form. These modern, patterns and panels wallpapers create a sculptural and continuous facet to any room locale that you can opt for permanent installation or as per your spec. They go up with just clay-based wallpaper paste or hung on a rod with our hanging System, so it’s even easy enough to install and to remove later. Don’t be surprised if we mention the wall panels can take a dash of paint as well.

Wooden Wallpaper

Turn your interiors as countrified by using our Wooden Wallpapers

Create a rustic feel with CVC Associates wooden wallpapers and mantle yourself with natural textures. Wood wallpapers can be combined with contemporary or traditional interior decors in-order to make a soliciting mood. Wood effect wallpaper can be clubbed with any interior styles, because its versatileness really makes this wooden wallpaper collection special. If you are searching for a soothing pine wood look to furnish your living room, or a driftwood or Scrap wooden panel design to complement your interior? Our wood effect wallpapers are right choice for a Scandi-style interior or a pleasant farmhouse, which is fresh and hit on trend.

Automobiles Wallpaper

Satiate your car craze with Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini wallpaper

An incredibly powerful sporting car may spark your driving spirit. If you fancy a style, then you can exhibit the lustrous arcs, sharp directions and roaring engine of a Lamborghini on the wall or prefer the thrilling and adventurous action of the car rally race track. Add a new high-octane dimension to your office with CVC Associates automobile wallpapers that incredibly puts you straight into the mood of the action. If you are still not satisfied? Place yourself in the driver’s seat and create a wall mural that is wholly all yours.

Will Classic and Vintage cars galore in your space?

Car lovers look no further than for CVC Associates the very best automobile wallpapers for your home or business! We have some great wallpaper that will excite even the most conformist car lover! Enjoy the inventive images of vintage cars, in a field, on a farm, or on the savannas or out in the desert. So if you’re looking for a wallpaper, find the best images at the lowest prices – what do you miss? Installation is stress-free. Cruise away with your favorite car!

Damask Wallpaper

Damasks wallpaper is a decorative roll of thin sheet with patterns that can be pasted on to the walls. Damask wall papers are decorative and form a classic style wall covering. They can be both traditional and contemporary in design. Wall papers are an ever fashionable product and can find its vast application not only in Vintage buildings but, in modern architecture as well. Damask wall papers are the best alternate for contemporary paint.

It may be an eye soar to have any asymmetric wall or damages caused to the wall. Wall papers come in very handy at such situations and, transform the entire aesthetic appeal of the room. Let’s look into the available types of damask wall papers- Plain, bold, metallic, textured & patterned damask wall paper. The choice of the damask could be quite daunting with its abundant offer in design & style.

The selection of design purely calls for a better understanding about the place of fixing them. Long halls and rooms can make a bold statement with bright colors, whereas smaller rooms could be more subtle with lighter shades and mild patterns. Wallpaper shops have a gallery of designs, newest, easy to fix and does not leave a messy floor, cheap and best. With latest tools and adhesives, they can bring about a best makeover in a short time. Advantages of fixing damask wall papers- very cost effective, low on maintenance, easy to clean stains and free from any odour.

A great way to use damask wallpaper is to create a feature wall. The design should be in perfect harmony with your ever fashionable home interiors. Wallpaper completes the flow of your personal theme across your living space and makes it look more opulent!

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